Great View fromup here achievement guide


Great View fromup here achievement guide

One of the more bizarre Minecraft advancements is the 'great view up here'. This is the final task in the game. To do this, players must travel deep into another realm to fight a specific mob or get attacked by it.

Advancements are a reward badge that players get for completing a specific task in Minecraft. These tasks help players and are generally constructive. However, this one is unique. This task may endanger players' lives, but it is necessary to earn it.

This achievement can be obtained by players if they go to the End islands to find shulkers in End cities. Players will be able to fly as they are attacked by shulkers who use levitation bullets.

After they have completed the task, they will need good food and armor to survive. They will also need ender pearls in order to teleport. This will allow players to move up a lot faster than with the traditional method.

1) Locate the Shulkers

Players must locate shulkers near the balconies of End City after they enter it. To begin the task, players must climb to the top of the structure in order to be hit by a shulker.

2) Use the Levitation Effect to throw Ender Pearls

They will be able to float upward once they reach the top of End City. The Ender Pearl is a great tool for this. The Ender Pearl can be thrown on the End island below by players to have a levitation effect.

It will teleport them down to the End Island and show that they have traveled 50 vertical blocks. Players can get a “great view from up there” task.

3) Advancement criteria

The game basically consists of the player moving 50 blocks vertically using the levitation status effect. Players don't have to fly up, but they can use the ender pearl to teleport 50 block down from the End city. This will ensure both safety and the completion of the task.