Minecraft dungeons hero cape guide


Minecraft dungeons hero cape guide

Capes can be used to add a touch of elegance to your character's appearance as they navigate Minecraft Dungeons. These can be obtained via DLC downloads, or by participating in events. This also applies to the popular Hero Cape.

Originally, the Hero Cape was a red cape with gold trim at its bottom. However, the cape has been updated to include the Minecraft Dungeons logo in the center of the cape as of update The original Hero Cape was renamed the Red Royal Cape in the game files. The current Hero Cape can still be obtained, but you will need to purchase certain DLCs to unlock it as an cosmetic option.

To obtain the Hero Cape in Minecraft Dungeons players had to first download the Hero Pass DLC or Hero Edition. This would enable them to use the Hero Cape or baby chicken cosmetics while traveling around the game world. Mojang has since discontinued both of these options.

Ultimate Edition is a new version that includes all the current DLC expansions and perks, such as the Hero Cape, originally included in the Hero Edition or Hero Pass.

The Ultimate DLC Bundle, which unlocks all DLC content, is available to Minecraft Dungeons users who already own the game. This bundle was created to consolidate all the content in Minecraft Dungeons before Seasonal Adventures were implemented.

As with other cosmetics and non-combat pets found in Minecraft Dungeons (e.g. the Hero Cape), players must either buy the Ultimate Edition or the DLC bundle to obtain the Hero Cape. Mojang's official Minecraft Dungeons site states that the Ultimate Edition has a base price of $40. The Ultimate DLC Bundle is $20, but does not include the base game.

Both new and old players will need to download and purchase the Hero Cape in order to unlock it as a customization option for their hero.