To change Minecraft skin…


To change Minecraft skin…

First, you must know which version of Minecraft you are using. Although the differences between Minecraft Java & Bedrock are subtle, they can have a significant impact on how skins are changed in each one. Although the new unified Minecraft launcher makes it much easier to change skins in Minecraft Java, things can be a bit more complicated for Minecraft Bedrock skins, especially if your computer is not connected.

Also, you need something to outfit your avatar. You can see our top choices of Minecraft skins and download links to the PNG files. If you feel brave, you can create your own skins. This article will cover everything you need about how to change skins in Minecraft.

How to change Minecraft Bedrock skins

The Minecraft Bedrock edition handles skins in a different way than the Java edition. It's possible to import PNG files from the internet on PC, but you also have access to a powerful character editor.

The Bedrock Edition's character maker is only available for mobile and console users. It's more flexible than the one you can get by uploading a skin file, and allows you to customize individual elements of your avatar. Many of the more advanced options are only available if you purchase them or unlock them via achievements.