Whats the use of Iron golems ?


Whats the use of Iron golems ?

Over the years, golems have been one of Minecraft's most useful mobs. They are the protector of villagers and players. Even after the latest update, they are still one of Minecraft's most useful mobs. These are the top uses for golems.

4) Iron source

Minecraft is very dependent on iron. Iron ingots can be obtained by killing iron golems, which is faster than mining or smelting. There are ways to get rid of golems. Iron golems can't fight back if the status is Peaceful. They won't hit players if they are below the level of the golem. Although it may seem cruel to kill them, it is worth the iron.

3) Iron farm

Iron golems are great for iron farms. Although they can be difficult to achieve, an iron farm that uses iron golem spawns can be done. It is easy to accumulate iron without having to do anything.

2) Protection of players

Iron golems are naturally born in villages, but they can also be created. A carved pumpkin and four iron blocks will create a living iron golem. The golem will protect players who create it. When hostile mobs attack, Minecraft players may need some protection.

1) Protecting villagers

A homemade villager farm is an easy and great way to earn emeralds. Although it's not an easy task, players can make raids from there. Raids can lower the cost of items and increase the number of emeralds that players can obtain.

Iron golems are a great way to help protect the villager from all dangers, not just Pillagers. They are very good at protecting.